This page is created. To answer any questions you might have.

Question 1. What is iFoodie app?

Answer. It is an app that promotes food supplying businesses.

Question 2. Where does iFoodie app promote businesses?

Answer. It promotes them on Apple appstore & Google play store.

Question 3. Is there any cost involved?

Answer. There is NO cost involved in participating.

Question 4. What are the benefits of being in the app?

Answer. A business can set their own minimum spent and discount amount for the customer. 

Question 5. May I see an example of the discount?

Answer. It could be anything a business decide. For example, 5 off 25 in 80 different currencies.

Question 6. Does iFoodie app provide protection?

Answer. It provides protection. a. That ONLY ONE voucher/coupon can be used by a customer. b. And, only a business can alter or make changes to the AD. 

Question 7. What will happen. If a customer tries to get another discount?

Answer. A message will be displayed stating, ALREADY VISITED. The customer can do every thing but get a discount. The DISCOUNT button is DISABLED. 

Question 8. What will happen to my info?

Answer. All the information is stored in the app.

Question 9. What all a customer can do?

Answer. The customer can call and navigate (APP HAS BUILT IN GOOGLE MAP). But, cannot get another discount. If they ALREADY used the app to get a discount. 

Question 10. Will iFoodie app answer all questions?

Answer. iFoodie app will answer any questions. Just email it to [email protected].

Question 11. Is there a list of General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?

Answer. Yes. General Terms and Conditions can be found by pressing HERE.

Privacy Policy can be accessed by pressing HERE.

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