What Is iFoodie?

iFoodie is an eating supply business app that promotes them on the Apple appstore & Google play store.

How Does iFoodie Work?

The iFoodie app helps you find eating supply businesses nearby quicker and easier than the typical “food deals near me” online search. According to our users, iFoodie helps find the best eating supply businesses (corporate and local) near them faster and more reliably than any other free food apps.

It is true, that iFoodie finds the best food deals and coupons for eateries, food trucks, grocery stores and supermarkets. But it also helps you automatically save money at a wide variety of eating supply businesses. So you’re guaranteed to save money. When you go to an eatery, food truck, grocery store or supermarket. And spend a minimum amount. When you receive the check, simply show the phone to the server or cashier to receive a discount off your bill.

And iFoodie app is going to release a feature soon. Where you can actually SELF-CHECKOUT at a grocery store or supermarket. Its simple. You go in. Get your groceries pay and leave. How cool is that?

Simple eating supply businesses searching

iFoodie app allows you to narrow down your search by the meal of the day or some ingredients. Whether it is breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or grabbing some groceries. The iFoodie app will help you save money and enjoy your meal. Next time you plan on eating out or cooking, use the iFoodie app for the best deals.

iFoodie is global.

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