What is iFoodie App?

iFoodie is a food supplying business app. That promotes these businesses on Apple appstore, Google play store & Xiaomi app store.

How does iFoodie App work?

In todays hectic world. iFoodie app helps you find food supplying businesses near you quicker and easier.

It is true, that iFoodie app finds bars, cafes, coffee shops, delis, diners, food trucks, grocery stores, pubs, restaurants, saloons, sandwich shops, supermarkets and taverns near you. But it also automatically helps you save money. At the participating businesses.

iFoodie app also has a feature of SELF CHECKOUT. Where you can actually SELF CHECKOUT at a grocery store or a supermarket. It is simple. You grab what you need. Automatically pay and leave. How cool is that?

Whether it's breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or grabbing some groceries. It helps you save money and enjoy your meal.

Just, download the FREE app on your device.

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