Terms and Conditions of iFoodie

Terms and Conditions of iFoodie 2018-07-30T16:52:47+00:00


We have created a clever and unique concept to bridge the local food lover with restaurants in their city. The iFoodie app will consist of the restaurants from various neighborhoods, cuisines and price points. The restaurants have couple of things in common: killer food and chef/owner inspired passion that beams from these non-corporate gems. THIS IS A FREE PROGRAM TO RAISE AWARENESS, HOW VITAL IT IS TO EAT LOCAL TO SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY!!!


There is no cost.

Free exposure and advertising.

You symbolize your belief in eating LOCAL.

It’s fun, new, and consumers LOVE it.


Inform the staff on the privileges of the app and its usage.


This agreement will be effective immediately. Upon signing this agreement, the member restaurant vows to uphold and honor any and all iFoodie coupons on any of its platform. This is a free and exclusive program, so if/when your restaurant chooses to remove yourself from the iFoodie program you must simply honor the app, 1 week from the date your out.

iFoodie app : $10 off $25 minimum purchase. Tax, alcohol & gratuity not included. May only be applied to food portion of the bill. Cannot be combined with any other vouchers/coupons including prefix menus. One use per bill. Must present the phone screen at time of paying the bill.

Dine-in only



iFoodie Analytics

We at iFoodie want to make sure that you can always get the information, you need to operate your restaurant. We have come up with a simple and easy idea. If you are ever curious about every single redemption. You can login to our iFoodie Analytics and see all the transactions. The information chart is very simple and will looks like this image, with dates varying monthly. This information is always available for you.