Please share a picture(s) or a screenshot(s) of you using the iFoodie app on your social media account(s). It can be of any function that you are using. Please let us know of your post by pressing HERE. You are giving iFoodie permission to use or show your image on iFoodie social media platforms. A free voucher will be automatically added to your account on the iFoodie app. You will be notified. Here is a 35 seconds long video of showing you. How for example some images can be shared.

Some examples of the iFoodie app being used are:

  1. App greeting you by name and time of the day.
  2. List of eateries close by (simply press DISTANCE).
  3. Eatery`s page.
  4. Showing how the app keeps track of your saving.
    a. That is accessed by pressing ACCOUNT then REDEEM.


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