Rating by iFoodie app

iFoodie app has created a RATING system. It can be at any participating food business. 

10 minutes after each redemption. A customer will get a NOTIFICATION. Where they can RATE and leave a comment for your establishment. It is an OPTIONAL feature.

The customer can dismiss it. If they do RATE. The result is directly emailed to your establishment ONLY

It is iFoodie app’s attempt to provide you with CUSTOMER SURVEY/THOUGHTS.

An example of the result EMAILED to your establishment. Can be seen here in this example.  

A customer just RATED your business and shared some thoughts

Date: 31-02-2021

Thoughts: It was a good experience. The combination of a cafe & a grocery store was neat. It cut my time in half.

Rating: 5

Rating chart:

1star OK

2 starts GOOD

3 stars VERY GOOD



Thank you,

Team iFoodie

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