iFoodie Rep

Thank you for deciding to work with iFoodie.

Your job if you choose to accept is to help iFoodie grow. As compensation. You will be awarded $3 per Eatery recruited. You will be notified via an email. Compensation mode PayPal, Payoneer or via Credit Card.

For example, if you recruit only ONE Eatery to participate. You will be awarded $3.

iFoodie will provide you with a pre-written agreement between an Eatery and iFoodie. You simply have to forward the agreement to the Eatery. If and when they register. They simply have to insert your name in the field on the Eatery Registration page, under the CUISINE tab called iFoodie Rep Name(optional).

One thing to keep in mind. An Eatery can participate with iFoodie for FREE. There is also a feature called PAUSE. When pressed the Eatery will disappear from the iFoodie app within 2 seconds but will be advertised on the LIST OF EATERIES page on the website. Click HERE to visit that page.

We require these credentials from you please. We will respond promptly.

Please download the free iFoodie app from either app stores.

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